Massage Courses For Midwifes

Sensitivity and Science

Massage has a very long and diverse history in many cultures. In mainland Europe it has remained an established part of medical practice and it has recently become one of the fastest growing complementary therapies.

The LK massage program started in the mid 1990s and has continued to evolve following feedback from women, birthing partners and midwives.

The main components are long – stroke back and limb massage together, with breathing control and visualization (mind mapping). Massage chair becoming really popular devices. You can find out more regarding top zero gravity chairs by reading this guide: Best Massage Chair Reviews: Top Zero Gravity Chair Models 2015

Following a feasibility study on 35 women at the Horton Maternity Unit in 2003, the massage program has undergone further alterations and development.

The updated program has been taught to midwives at the Horton so they can support the women and their birthing partners who have been randomized to the massage group in the the single site Randomized Controlled Trial.

This revised course has many distinct features giving midwives additional therapeutic skills and a new knowledge base to support women to have the birth of their choice.

The practical component of the course teaches basic principles of massage as well as in depth information about the Massage Program.

Massage, environment and maternal – infant interactions are all explored from both the sensitivity and science perspectives.

The theoretical component of the course examines the endocrine responses to massage in pregnancy, labour and postpartum and critically reviews current evidence on the effects of regular massage on the changes in pain threshold, from late pregnancy until the 24 hours following birth.

This course has been designed at level 2/3 and following successful completion, midwives undertaking further study will be able to submit it as evidence of prior experiential learning to obtain APEL it credits for University courses.

Since February 2004, this 7 day course has been taught to interested midwives at the Horton Maternity Hospital, to prepare them to competently perform the LK Massage Program which is being tested in a randomized controlled trial, due to commence in December 2004.

“To follow this program of specialized massage it is essential that the midwives have a thorough understanding of massage: –

  • To appreciate the benefits of massage
  • To be able to perform a good flowing massage
  • To use their bodies effectively so that they can perform the massage sequences without hurting their backs.

This course has definitely fulfilled all these objectives and equips midwives to support the mother, baby and birthing partner with Linda’s Program”

“The course provided me with the knowledge and skills to encourage and aid this couple to have the labor and birth that they wanted but thought unachievable. The skills learned – helped ensure I didn’t injure myself Š I have no doubt that I could not have been able to continue the needed support had I not been taught correct movement and posture.”

“This course will have a great influence on how I practice as a midwife”

“I have now used the skills I have learn on the course to great effect within clinical practice. An extra skill enabling women more choice in labor”

Course Aims

To provide midwives with additional practical and theoretical skills to promote normality, by exploring physiological responses antenatally, in labour and postnatally.

Midwives will learn the evidence underpinning:

  • Regular massage and therapeutic touch;
  • Neuroendocrine mediation of massage in adults;
  • Neuroendocrine mediations of massage and touch in mother-fetus-neonate during and after pregnancy;
  • Maternal neuroendocrine adaptations to pregnancy, labour and lactation;
  • Model of therapeutic practice in labour and during maternal – infant interactions during first 90 minutes following birth;
  • A structured massage programme in late pregnancy and labour that has been designed to reduce maternal pain and anxiety during late pregnancy, labour and postnatally

Structure of Course

  • Information giving sessions will be interspersed with supervised practice sessions on each technique, to facilitate reflection and learning from experience.
  • Teaching and learning activities will include micro lectures, discussion, use of videos, guided practice and directed reading.
  • Level 2 or 3 written assessments.
  • Case study with emphasis on the massage program as well as neuroendocrine responses.
  • Practical assessment
  • Combined theory-practice RCM certificate on completion of the assessments and case study
  • Opportunity for relaxation, reflection and discussion.


Theory and practice elements will be run as two 3 – day blocks, followed by a one day session.

Massage tables will be available and carrier oil provided but midwives attending the course will need to bring towels and a couple of pillows with them.


The course will be offered in different venues in the UK.

A single course is currently available in London at the Clare Maxwell-Hudson School with sessions spread across the following dates:

  • 26th, 27th and 28th January 2015
  • 16th, 17th 18th February 2015
  • 23rd May 2015


UK £495 inclusive of the updated professional version of the video “A practical guide to childbirth massage techniques” and a handbook.

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